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#30DaysofGoddess was created to support you in crafting a simple, daily practice on your goddess-centered path. It combines creative practice with devotional practice and sacred space. Daily devotional practice is intended to be nourishing, restorative, enriching, and supportive as you bring a sense of the sacred and of goddess-centered living into your life. Created by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove, the core practice is offered free, thanks to support from our Goddes Magic community on Patreon. Members of the community also receive access to many additional bonuses, additions, printables, and practice resources.

Additional resources for our Patreon community members:

Welcome to a New Year!

Welcome to a new year! #30DaysofGoddess gives us a small and reliable container for being present in each day. It is a way to make space for the sacred and for yourself in your own life. It is simple and infinitely variable all in one. It combines spiritual practice, creative practice, and sacred space into one unique experience!

This new welcome video accompanies our two posts for January's practice:

January Practice Update

In January’s practice update (live on December 29) we return to the roots and revisit the original audio with the seed dream for the #30DaysofGoddess practice.

One Minute Welcome to January and What Is #30DaysofGoddess

This is the elevator version of a welcome to 2022 and to the concept of #30DaysofGoddess.

One Minute Reflection on #365DaysofGoddess

This is a one minute reflection on how we went from a simple vision for a single, 30 day devotional practice to #365DaysofGoddess!

December Practice Update

Live on November 28th, the companion resource post is here.

Spiral bound December prayerbooks are in the shop here.

A One Minute What Is Video…

A super brief elevator speech version of what #30DaysofGoddess is.

Two Minute Welcome to November!

Much longer video and additional resources below, but here’s a super quick welcome to a new month!

November Practice Update!

Companion post with printables referenced for November is available here.

Two Minute Morning Ritual

Another super quick video, this one a card reading to kick off our month.

Simple body-based practices

A brief video with some body-based additions to your blessing basket of daily practices.

Creating a Prayerbook Practice

This longer (25 minute) prayerbook flip through video explores how we go from “this” (a flat and blank book) to “that” (a fat, juicy prayerbook filled with your wisdom and magic!).

Additional shorter (8 minute) flip through video of the Simple Logbook format is here.

Companion Deck Now Available!

We are thrilled to introduce the first deck of companion cards for 30DaysofGoddess! This set of 100 cards comes in a sturdy, double-sized tin case and can be divided into three decks: prompts, prayers, and practices. (A video flip through about the use of the deck is available in the section below this one!)

Companion Deck Exploration Video (Full Unboxing)

Spoilers within! This is a ten minute exploration video of the new #30DaysofGoddess companion daily devotional deck.

October Practice Update

Companion materials may be found in this post.

September Practice Update

New for this month, I offer a new minimalist edition logbook for daily practice! Explained briefly in the video, this is a super simplified daily practice logbook journal instead of a full page prayerbook. This format is intended for people who perhaps feel like making art and writing every day is a bit too much, but who still wish to keep a little book of notes about their experiences. Post to accompany video is here.

New video! August mid-month encouragement!

This very short 4 minute video includes some reminders and encouragement for you as we reach the midpoint of August. Background noise is all those Missouri bugs of summer!

Daily practice is magic!

A seven minute video with some thoughts on the power of daily practice.
Printable reminder cards also available for you here.

August Practice Video

This is a fresh start opportunity for you to jump right into a #30DaysofGoddess practice—no need to go backwards, catch up, or worry about being behind.

Full post with files is here. Video only (16 minutes) is also embedded to the right.

Video: Advance Page-Prepping

A five minute long video about prepping prayerbook pages in advance. Includes additional reflections and ideas about types of daily practice and how they can fit into the “portable tiny temple space” of your 30DaysofGoddess prayerbook.

200 Days of #30DaysofGoddess

An 8-minute mid-year review and reflection of what this experience has been like and the many ways, forms, and means by which a small devotional practice for yourself may be created.

Arizona Trip Prayerbook Pages

A four minute video combining three shorter videos. This is a series of brief flip-throughs of the pages I created during our recent trip to Arizona. Since each of the three were filmed separately, I introduce myself at the beginning of each segment, which I know is a little weird now that they are combined into one!

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We offer many additional resources around the theme of goddess-centered devotional practice.

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#30DaysofGoddess Welcome and Explanation

This video helps explore the #30DaysofGoddess practice and what it is.

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